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This L-21 was made from the Wag-Aero Company's Piper Super Cub homebuilt kit. This replica is exactly how a real L-21 would be configured, down to the stars and bars on the rear fuselage.

The L-21 in service was used as a basic trainer during the 1950's. The airframe is based on the Piper Super Cub, an updated version of the J-3 with a more powerful engine.

The plane was built by 1941 Aircraft Group member Tim Macauley and flown by him for many years. Recently it was bought by a partnership of members to keep the plane in the Group.

The L-21 has served us well as a "Squadron Hack" ... rides are given in it, members provide TLC, and everyone likes to see it at local fly-in's to promote the group!


Piper Aircraft Co.


Lycoming O-320-D - 125 hp

Maximum Speed:

115 mph

Weight Empty:

950 lbs.

Service Ceiling:

12,500 ft.


461 miles

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